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Rescue Decks® were designed and developed by S & R Resources, LLC in the summer of 2003 and the first prototypes were marketed in November. Since that time we have continually improved on the design of the decks, the milk delivery system, and the management techniques necessary for success. Today the Rescue Deck® System is accepted as the gold standard for ease of management, milk efficiency, and overall functionality.

It is recognized that through genetics and improved management techniques that the born alive numbers have improved throughout the industry. This improvement has increased the total number of pigs weaned. However, in many cases it has not improved on prewean mortality or the number of underweight or substandard pigs at weaning. It is also recognized that techniques such as cross fostering and bump weaning are not always effective in dramatically reducing this problem. Plus, there is a potential cost for these practices such as increased NPD’s, health challenges, fewer turns on crates, and younger weaning age.


GOAL: Select pigs for the Rescue Decks® that are nutritionally challenged enough that without intervention they would be dead or a substandard pig at weaning and rear them to a weight that will allow them to fit with a weaned group of pigs.



Steve Welbourne, owner of S & R Resources, LLC

 Note: The Rescue Deck® System is not designed to be a crutch for poor farrowing house management, but rather a tool that can be utilized to take well managed farms to another level of production. Results will vary between farms, however, if managed correctly everyone should see an improvement in the number of large healthy pigs out the door.