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  • Heavy duty cone bottom tanks and lids come in 30-110 gallon sizes to fit any system. These cone bottom tanks allow for complete draining of tank and easy cleaning.


  • Heavy duty stainless steel stands on larger models and plastic stands on 30 gallon tanks give proper support and will withstand exposure to a highly corrosive and damp environment.


    • Quick couplers are utilized on the tanks for the water line and milk return lines. This enhances the flexibility and convenience of delivery, cleaning, and mixing milk.


    • A Hurricane Mixer with Auto Control Box is offered on all 65-110 gallon tanks. This includes a stainless steel mixing bracket and shaft plus, a state of the art mixing paddle and motor. The auto control allows the operator to mix milk thoroughly with the flip of a switch and set to auto for brief mixing each hour. A mixing shaft and paddle are offered on small systems to be utilized with a drill.


    • On larger operations a pneumatic driven delivery system is utilized. This includes an air compressor, pump, regulator, filter, and all the fittings. A pneumatic system allows the operator to vary the pressure to achieve optimum flow within the system. It also allows the pressure to be increased to reduce cleaning time and draining of the tank.  The system is self priming and will not burn up the pump if milk runs empty for short periods of time. On small systems an electric pump is offered to minimize initial investment.