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    • Rescue Decks® are a heavy duty white plastic deck that is extremely durable and easy to clean.


    • The flooring is plastic coated wire with reinforced cross beams. The coated wire maximizes animal comfort. The cross beams allow for added support and rigidity of the flooring as well as raising it off the lip of the deck which eliminates the need for removing the floor to properly clean.


    • The milk cup assembly includes 2 Ascend II liquid feeders with schedule 80 pipe and all of the fittings. The feeders are made out of durable ABS material and include the patented Welbourne Fountain valve. See for more information. This feeder and valve have shown to reduce milk disappearance by 15% or greater as compared to any other feeder on the market. This improves overall costs as well as keeping the pigs dryer and less likely to chill.


    • The Rescue Decks® are supported by a solid metal frame and stainless steel attachment hooks. This frame allows the deck to be supported equally on all sides thus eliminating sagging and distortions. The mounting hooks are threaded to allow for adjustment on different size crates.


    • The top of the deck is partly covered with a rigid ABS sliding lid and a recessed hole. This lid will slide back to allow for additional ventilation into the deck. The recessed hole allows for the heat lamp to seat into the lid.


    • A dimmer switch is mounted on the front for the heat lamp to be plugged into. This allows for a convenient and effective way to control the temperature in the deck. Cord clips are included to make cords inaccessible to the pigs and sows.


    • A water device is mounted inside the deck and includes a ball valve and quick disconnect. Cup or nipple waters are offered. The ball valve allows for reduction of flow to keep pigs dryer. The quick disconnect allows the water device to also be utilized for use in cleaning the cups, valves, creep feeders, etc.


    • Rescue Decks® have a drain elbow and hose that allows all of the waste to be directed under the crate and into the pit.