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Rescue decks® are more than just a box where you place challenged pigs. It is a complete rearing and feeding system that considers numerous areas that are essential to achieve optimal results. Two key aspects are essential to the system’s success:

1.   Maximizing animal comfort and environment with minimal management functions.

2.   Delivery of the milk, dry feed, and water in a convenient, efficient manner with minimal waste.


The Rescue Deck® is a self contained rearing deck that is designed to be installed in the farrowing room to handle 12 pigs to 20 days of age. The number of Rescue Decks® needed will vary between farms. However, a ratio of 1 deck per 12 -24 farrowing crates will fit most operations needs. It is attached to the tops of 2 adjoining crates and suspends between them with a fixed frame that the deck sets in. Positioning the decks in the farrowing rooms allows the farrowing personnel to manage these decks as they perform their normal functions within each room. This placement also allows for the development of the immune system of the pigs by being reared within the same air space.


The delivery system is a complete recirculating and mixing system. This allows for the pigs to have uninterrupted access to the milk. It also provides the operator a quick and easy way to mix the milk replacer and deliver the nutrition directly to the pig, efficiently with minimal waste. We will custom develop a system to fit your individual needs whether it be 1 deck or 100’s. In most situations a system utilizing an air compressor and a pneumatic pump is the best way to recirculate the milk and deliver it to the individual decks. However, on small installations an electric pump may be the optimal approach.